“Sheri is an incredible advocate for students and parents. She is a wise, humorous, and caring advisor……an invaluable source of wisdom and encouragement……a caring, dedicated educator and professional……an amazing person who is admired for her ability to give helpful and thoughtful advice and to make connections with both kids and parents”.
Ilyse Bronte, mother of two, Los Angeles, Ca.

“As Founding Principal of City Charter Middle School, which both my children attended, Sheri Werner created a school where every student felt included, encouraged, guided, and appreciated. She knew every student, and every student knew her. The culture of warmth and trust that she created, and the students who matured and grew into motivated, caring, and loving young near-adults on her watch, is her lasting legacy. I’ve never experienced a principal with her strength, compassion, and love for her students, and it permeates every aspect of the climate and culture at City School. Even the most challenging students knew they could trust her, talk to her, and learn from her. Sheri is also a guide for perplexed parents like no other. My wife and I met with her on occasion to talk about our (often challenging) son. “Relax,” was always her advice. “He’s fine. Let him be who is he. Don’t try to make him into something you want but he doesn’t. Love him for who he is.” This was both her philosophy as principal and her advice to parents: Help them be who they are. Love them for what and where they are. This is easier said than done, but Sheri walks the walk. She is an amazing resource, inspiration, and leader.”
Paul Goodwin –father of two, Los Angeles, Ca.

“I’m honored and grateful to have worked under Sheri Werner for my first five years as a teacher. Under her guidance, I was part of creating a school that was joyful and successful for students and teachers alike. Professionally, I saw how Sheri’s warmth, inclusivity, high expectations, and love, allowed students to thrive. I received first hand training on how to teach in a constructivist manner, how to counsel students, and teach them skills to counsel one another, and how to create safety and fun in my classroom. Year after year I watched students’ perceptions of themselves and of their school experience transform as they started seeing themselves as learners who belonged in a school community that loved to have them there. Sheri Werner has influenced me on a professional and personal level in numerous ways, and the many students I have taught have benefited from what I have learned under her direction”.
Donna Rahimian, teacher, Los Angeles, Ca.

“A boss is usually someone who holds high expectations for you and hopefully, helps you meet those expectations. Sheri has been so much more than a boss to me. I am a better person because of her and my life is forever changed. I have become more patient, kind, fun, smart, creative, and probably another handful of adjectives thanks to her leadership. She is a Godsend for teachers and kids. I thank her for forever changing my life for the better”
Hugo Carrillo, administrator, teacher, Los Angeles, Ca.

“Every action of Sheri’s comes from a place of genuine kindness and sincerity. As a school leader, Sheri walks the walk. While she has always expected excellence and professionalism from her teachers, she always gives our emotional safety and well-being the utmost priority. Sheri has been a pillar of support over the years I have worked with her. I hope to use all that I have learned from her to become a kinder, more affectionate, and more empathetic person”.
Anaya Armani, teacher, Los Angeles, Ca.

“Sheri Werner is an extremely insightful resource for navigating the vulnerable teenage years. She has definitely helped my husband and me understand the “teenage brain” and the behaviors associated with this stage of development. She is also gifted at helping parents learn when to stay out of the way and when to offer support to best guide our kids towards independence and personal responsibility. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Kids love her tough love and parents appreciate her honest, empathic perspective.”
Kim Johnson Hanke, mother of two, Los Angeles, Ca.

“Sheri Werner was instrumental in my daughters’ successes both in school and in life. Using a progressive curriculum that emphasized academic skills and social, emotional development, Erica is now attending UCLA Law School and today credits her educational years with Sheri as a touchstone to her success!”
Rocky Lang –father of two, Los Angeles, Ca.

“All three of my children spent K-8th grade, at FSC, a progressive school led by Sheri Werner. Sheri took the writings and teachings of John Dewey and applied them in a modern and meaningful way. Though the school was a safe place, children were not coddled in any sense of the word. They were taught to solve their own issues, deal with their own problems, and fight their own battles in a constructive and loving way. I, myself, use much of what Sheri taught my children. I truly feel Sheri has had an enormous impact for the better on myself and on my children’s lives.”
Michael Lange – father of three, Los Angeles, Ca.